About us

About our Association

Since its establishment in 1990, MAVESZ has been working to promote professional interests of the
chemical industry. In addition to representing the professional and employer interests, our activities
are also becoming more and more intensive in order to ensure the supply of new professionals.

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Board, audit committee

The Association is governed by the Executive Board and the Audit Committee. Its members are
representatives of prominent companies from the industry, who bring their experience to support
MAVESZ achieve its objectives as set out in its Statutes.

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Our members

Our member companies cover a wide range of chemical activities from manufacturing to
consultancy. The expertise and cooperation of representatives from each of these areas guarantee
creating solid professional opinions.

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MAVESZ Secretariat

Our colleagues who carry out operational activities and coordinate tasks have many years of
experience in their respective fields.

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MAVESZ Statutes

The Statutes of MAVESZ set out the basic principles and framework for the operation of the
organisation. It is regularly revised to provide up-to-date guidance for our activities.

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Anniversary publication

Our Association celebrated its 25th anniversary by publishing a high-quality document summarising
the events and achievements of the past 25 years.

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