MAVESZ has been supporting professional talent development for many years in line with the federation’s objectives outlined in the statutes. In 2022, MAVESZ Professional Talent Development Strategy was finalized, and it was approved by member companies at the annual general meeting.

The accepted strategy encompasses the activities carried out in recent years (such as awarding the Excellent Chemical Engineering Studies Award at multiple universities and organizing events and conferences related to professional talent development) and also establishes new directions for MAVESZ. The goal is to introduce the chemical industry to young generation, making it more attractive to students and prospective employees planning their professional  career.

The strategy emphasizes the need to further strengthen ongoing activities and expand the circle of collaborative partners to increase MAVESZ’s presence in all areas where the chemical industry (chemistry, natural sciences) can be promoted.

Our objective is to, through cooperation with our partners:

  • Promote the popularity of teaching chemistry (natural sciences).
  • Help students expand their knowledge in relation to the chemical industry.
  • Increase the number of individuals choosing careers related to the chemical industry at both secondary and tertiary education levels.
  • Expand the group of professionals selecting the chemical industry as their future workplace.
  • Popularize the achievements of the chemical industry to enhance societal acceptance.

To achieve these goals, we are broadening the range of organizations in contact with MAVESZ and establishing and strengthening (new) forms of cooperation.

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