Chemical industry sector skills council

The development of output requirements for secondary professional education centers (schools) is crucially influenced by sectoral skills councils, which operate in 19 different professional groups, including the chemical industry. The sectoral skills council permanently monitors the development of vocational training structure within its sector, economic and labor market processes, as well as technical and technological trends, and based on this:

  • Provides professional opinions regarding the registration of program requirements for vocational training.
  • Formulates proposals for the profession catalog.
  • Makes recommendations for the duration of vocational training, training and output requirements, and professional content of sectoral basic education.
  • Develops proposals for the content and creation of new vocational training textbooks.
  • Prepares forecasts for planning and defining short- and medium-term development directions and goals of vocational training.

As of January 1, 2020, under Act LXXX of 2019 on vocational training and Government Decree 12/2020 (II.7.) on the implementation of vocational training law, sectoral skills councils have been established in the chemical industry under the organization of Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Members of these councils are representatives from the government, educational institutions, and companies operating within the industry. Our association, on its initiative, has been participating in the council’s work as an invited member since September 2022.

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