Sectoral social dialogue

In accordance with the Statutes, Hungarian Chemical Industry Association (MAVESZ) also serves as the sectoral employers’ representative, playing an essential role in the operation of the Chemical Industry Sectoral Dialogue Committee (VÁPB), established in 2005 to promote cooperation between employee and employer sides. Within this committee, MAVESZ’s representative holds the position of president on the employer side. In representing the Hungarian chemical industry, MAVESZ participates in the work of European Union Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee. On the employer side, MAVESZ’s director is a member of the Board of European Chemical Employers Group (ECEG)

MAVESZ collaborates closely with trade unions and employee representatives. Annually, they provide information to the leadership/activists of Federation of Chemical Workers of Hungary (VDSZ) on the main trends in European and Hungarian chemical industry, legislative changes affecting the industry, and ongoing EU and national legislative projects. Representatives from both organizations receive mutual invitations and opportunities to participate in professional events. MAVESZ considers areas such as employment and vocational training to be important in the dialogue with trade unions. According to a long term practice, MAVESZ and VDSZ, within the framework of VÁPB, jointly collect industrial statistics, employment, and other labor-related data from the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (KSH).

Facilitating fair relations between industrial representation and trade unions, MAVESZ’s involvement extends to the Board of Trustees of VDSZ Chemists’ Foundation. Their representative also serves as the Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

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