Responsible Care® Program

What does Responsible Care Program Mean?


Responsible Care program is a voluntary international initiative in the chemical industry. The sector is committed to strict self-regulation to enhance its health, safety, and environmental performance in all aspects.

The program is overseen by the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA), which has defined basic criteria of Responsible Care.

  • Through Responsible Care, chemical manufacturers, national chemical industry associations and their partners commit to:
  • Enable a corporate leadership culture that proactively supports safe chemicals management.
  • Safeguard people and the environment by continuously improving our environmental, health and safety performance, facility security, and the safety of our products.
  • Strengthen chemical management systems around the globe.
  • Work with business partners to promote safe chemicals management within their own operations.
  • Engage with stakeholders, respond to their concerns and communicate openly on our performance and products.
  • Contribute to sustainability through development of innovative technologies and other solutions to societal challenges.


Responsible Care program was initiated in Canada in 1985 by the Canadian national chemical industry association, which developed fundamental principles of Responsible Care. Shortly afterward, European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) adopted the program with the aim of implementing it across Europe through national chemical industry associations.

In Hungary, MAVESZ and its member companies have been participating in the program since the early 1990s. During MAVESZ’s 2023 general assembly, its member companies formally renewed their commitment, with 17 chemical producers and significant hazardous material storage capacity distributor businesses currently participating in the program.

Chemical companies that meet program’s requirements can obtain Responsible Care certificate. Hungarian Chemical Industry Association initiated its program for obtaining the certificate through independent auditors in 2014, further strengthening its members’ commitment to the principles and goals of Responsible Care.

Requirements Set by the Responsible Care Program:

  • To obtain the Responsible Care certificate, specific requirements that need to be met are determined by individual national professional associations, in accordance with Responsible Care Universal Declaration and other documents.
  • In Hungary, the requirements under Responsible Care program go beyond legal and regulatory provisions.
  • The certification process introduced from 2014 involves approximately 300 questions related to energy use, transportation, storage, labor safety, industrial accident prevention, environmental protection, and more, which independent auditors review and assess.

Responsible Care program recognizes ISO 14001 and/or EMAS certificates. Companies with these certificates have already fulfilled some of the requirements set by Responsible Care program. Compliance with legal requirements is a fundamental condition. Companies must answer additional questions with at least an 80% score to pass the certification process. The certification process must be conducted at each of a company’s sites. Thus, if a company operates at multiple locations, several certification processes are required.

Responsible Care Certificate:

After the certification process under Responsible Care program is completed, a company, if it has met all the requirements, receives Responsible Care certificate from MAVESZ. Following this, the company is entitled to use Responsible Care logo and name for five years, following the guidelines of logo usage. Using the logo for product advertising is prohibited. After five years, a review must be conducted to extend the use of Responsible Care logo and name.

Comparison to EMAS and ISO 14001:

Like Responsible Care program, European Union’s EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) Regulation and International Organization for Standardization’s ISO 14001 standard are based on voluntary commitments of companies. However, a significant difference is that Responsible Care program is not limited to environmental requirements but also evaluates the company’s industrial safety, safety technology, health, and performance. It has a broader scope than the other two. Another important difference is that the requirements set by Responsible Care program were specifically developed for assessing the performance of chemical companies.

Documents of Responsible Care Program:

  • Chemical Industry Safety Code, which, as part of Responsible Care program, summarizes basic principles for the protection of human, built, and natural environments.
  • The Global Charter of Responsible Care Program in Hungarian.
  • European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) website supports the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises in Responsible Care Program, providing summarized information on the regulation and handling of chemical substances, energy efficiency, environmental protection, health and safety, technological security, product tracking, transportation, and other crucial aspects.

Presentation of certificates for audits carried out within the framework of Responsible Care program at the general assembly of MAVESZ:



Szilvia Gazdag, project manager, receives Responsible Care certificate from Csaba Szabó, Director of MAVESZ.



Virág Nyitrai, QA manager, receives Responsible Care certificate from Csaba Szabó, Director of


Iván Katona, EHS manager, receives Responsible Care certificate from Csaba Szabó, Director of



Péter Császár, CEO, receives Responsible Care certificate from Csaba Szabó, Director of MAVESZ.


József Lakatos, EHS manager, receives Responsible Care certificate from Angelika Tóth, Deputy Director of MAVESZ.


Framochem Kft.

Emri György, CEO, receives Responsible Care certificate from  Tibor Klement, President of MAVESZ.


KisChemicals Kft.

László Kiss Jr., co-owner of KisChemicals Kft., receives Responsible Care certificate from  Tibor Klement, President of MAVESZ.


Lajos Király, Head of Environmental, Health, and Safety, receives Responsible Care certificate from  Tibor Klement, President of MAVESZ.



The certificate is presented to Gáspárné Bada Magda (MAVESZ), Dr. István Blazsek (Board Member of Nitrogénművek Zrt.), Mária Chronowski (Quality Management System Manager at Nitrogénművek Zrt.), László Zelovics (Head of HSE Department at Nitrogénművek Zrt.), and Iván Budai (MAVESZ).

BRENNTAG Hungária Kft.

András Szakolczai, CEO, receives Responsible Care certificate from Iván Budai, Director of MAVESZ.


DUNASTYR Polystyrene Manufacturer Zrt.

Tamás Varga, President-CEO, receives Responsible Care certificate from  Tibor Klement, President of MAVESZ.

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