SQAS Auditor Training in Brussels

SQAS training

CEFIC is launching an accredited SQAS auditor training in Brussels from May 15 to 17, 2024. Candidates need to meet the prerequisites, so applications are accepted until mid-April.

Details on the attached flyer.

Analysing risks and taking actions to reduce them is critical in logistics and transportation to protect the environment, the public, and companies’ reputation. Companies can avoid accidents and non-compliance with legislation by ensuring proper transportation, handling, and storage. At the same time, promoting safe transportation practices can build trust with stakeholders and contribute to sustainability efforts.

SQAS, a CEFIC initiative, is a voluntary assessment system that evaluates the safety, environmental, security, health, and quality, performance of logistics service providers, including road and rail carriers, tank cleaning stations, and warehouses. Assessments are conducted by accredited SQAS Assessors.

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