On the occasion of the anniversary a jubilee event was held by the Hungarian Chemical Industry Association in the course of which Tibor Klement, Chairman of the Association and HSE Director of BorsodChem Zrt. addressed the audience. In his speech he pointed out:

Twenty-five years – it is a long period even in terms of the history of industry. Exactly a quarter of a century has passed since 1990 when the determinant players of the Hungarian chemical industry established the Hungarian Chemical Industry Association which has been functioning, since then, as the most representative organization of the producer and trading enterprises of  the chemical sector in Hungary.

In the last few decades the chemical industry has inevitably become a part of our life, so there can be no doubt about its everyday significance. The modern and innovative products manufactured by the sector are essential in almost every moment in our life. From the household to the workplace we are meeting with thousands of chemical products each day. The growth of chemical industry affects advantageously not only many other sectors of industry (serving as an engine, consequently, for the global, European, and, of course, Hungarian economy) but, due to its products and processes, it is a very important factor of sustainable development. Whatever is in question – energy saving devices, heat insulation, and  renewing sources of energy or environmental developments in automotive industry and electronics, or agricultural production supplying world population with food – without the high-quality products manufactured by the chemical industry these developments could and would not be realized.

In Hungary the whole chemical industry – which comprises the production of chemicals and chemical products as well as oil processing, pharmaceuticals, and the production of rubber and plastic products – is traditionally a key sector of the economy since its somewhat more than one thousand enterprises employ about 10% of the industry’s workers (more than 75.000 people). Beside the companies producing basic chemicals (representing the greatest economic importance) the proportion of enterprises producing products with a high level of added value  is considerable as well. The chemical industry, by dint of its investments, installs first-rate technologies for which a continuous innovation activity is necessary. 

Nearly 60% of the products of the Hungarian chemical industry is realized in foreign markets, eminently in the European Union.

In defiance of the global trends the Hungarian chemical industry is proud of having better indicators than the European average. Besides, it has long since been demonstrating good achievements vis á vis the average of the Hungarian industry as well. Accordingly, in spite of the serious economic situation and the over-regularization it not merely keeps its position but, by means of new investments, it also contributes to the development of both the European and Hungarian industries as well as the evolvement of favorable economic processes.