2016 MAVESZ HSE Conference

MAVESZ held its 23rd Conference on Environment Protection and Safety in Eger, on 12 and 13 October 2016.  The Conference was attended by nearly 100 managers and experts from 47 companies. Presentations were made, and subsequest consultations held by representatives of government ministries of economy, national development and agriculture as well as national authorities reposible for the implementation of REACH/CLP, SEVESO and ETS regulations, and also by independent consultants on chemical safety, the transportation of dangerous goods and by company managers on exchanging best practices and innovative, environfriendly chemical products.

In conjunction with the Conference a training workshop was also held for Responsible Care auditors of MAVESZ.

The presentations are available for download (in Hungarian) from the EBK/Környezetvédelem (HSE/Environment Protection) menu.