Occupational Safety Guide

munkavédelmi kisokos

Life-saving rule collection

The Hungarian Occupational Safety Academy – Association for Safety Culture Development (MMA), our partner provides a professional practical guide that is publicly accessible and as straightforward as possible to assist in standardizing and implementing rules and practices in Hungary. Detailed information can be found here (All materials are in Hungarian).

Following the analysis of available international practices, the Association has compiled and made available the so-called Life-saving Rules published by IOGP and Energy Safety Canada. The primary goal of the practical guide is to process and make available the international best practices that have helped companies engaged in hazardous industrial activities achieve significant results in regulating activities that lead to the most serious events. It aims to assist in their standardization and implementation in Hungary, contributing to the improvement of occupational safety performance in Hungary. The practical guide does not aim to override or replace existing and developed legal regulations in Hungary for the processed activities; instead, it is designed to complement them, introducing simple measures and practices to prevent the most serious events.

The Occupational Safety Guide has been available for free download with registration on the Association’s website since October 17, 2023: https://hosha.eu/, adhering to and ensuring compliance with copyright and other obligations appearing in the material during use.

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